“Scot Wisniewski commands your attention. He sings with heartfelt tenderness and at the same time he has a powerful voice that soars with confidence and emotion. He’s an absolute winner when it comes to ballads.”

John Hogland —- Back Stage 


“Scot Wisniewski has everything go for him: a beautiful voice, heartfelt interpretations, an engaging personality and appealing good looks.”

Roy Sander —- NYC Cabaret Critic


“Audiences will surely want to take notice of Scot’s talent.” 

Barbra & Scott Siegel —- 


“The word “crooner” comes to mind when thinking about Wisniewski’s gorgeously smooth and silky voice. His rendition of “Not While I’m Around”on Broadway Scot’s Way is simultaneously reassuring and heartbreaking.” 

Andy Propst —- The Sondheim Review 


“My favorite track on Broadway Scot’s Way is “On The Street Where You Live.” Scot takes his time with it and creates a character who is more in awe with being on that street where that special someone resides, rather than the usual bursting-with-joy interpretation. It really works. His phrasingshows thought and a sense of wonder. Scot’s way is way ahead of many!” 

Rob Lester —- 


“In all my years I have never heard a more moving Ave Maria. It brings me to tears every time I hear Scot sing it on his Christmas album.”  

Maureen Phillips, NY Voice 


“Elegantly pristine and exquisitely simple, A Classic Christmas by Scot Wisniewski has easily become one of my favorite Christmas albums of all time. “Classic” does describe this marvelous album, and it is the perfect gift for the Christmas season. Scot uses just his voice and piano for the entire album, leaving him nowhere to hide. Fortunately for us the audience that is all we need. A voice like Scot’s is rare to come by.”

Carol Swanson —-